Cathy Holman

"Joe’s clear answers to my questions and ability to explain how things should be done without sounding scolding is definitely a wonderful balance and helped me to feel successful and empowered."

Micheal Lowry

"Joe clearly outlines the path and it's very easy to follow. I found the meditations were just the right amount of time for me to settle in and get the most out of my 15 minutes."

Vinci Hui

"I would highly recommend Joe’s programs to anyone who is interested in developing their meditation practice. Joe is an excellent teacher!!"

Celia Smith

"I really loved how accessible and approachable Joe was throughout his programs. He gave me an intimate experience that I will cherish for a long time."

alex sherwin

"If you are looking for a taste of the benefits that meditation can bring, Joe’s programs are exactly the kind you should invest in. Joe dedicates himself to you with the kind of time and attention you would require for familiarizing yourself with this powerful new muscle and the way your life can change for the better."

Holly Dunn

"Joe’s inspiring advice has significantly changed my lens on life. My experience was more beautiful through Joe's graceful and generous support. Joe kept cheering me on all the way. Joe’s programs have given me the wings I need to fly higher than I ever thought was possible."