Athletes have a breathing problem

Recent research concluded that out of almost 2,000 athletes, 90% had dysfunctional breathing: rapid, shallow, noisy, chest dominant breathing that is primarily through the mouth. Over breathing is highly inefficient and ineffective. It's unsupportive of mental and physical health. 

Stress is one of the major factors affecting breath health. The May 2022 NCAA Athlete Well-Being Study confirms that college athletes are experiencing increased levels of stress. In fact, conditions of stress remain 150% to 250% higher than identified before the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's the solution?

Stress, along with mouth breathing, posture, sleep, and the quality of mind all impact breath quality. Current science validates that when the breath is dysfunctional it affects athletic performance - both mentally and physically. Breath training can eradicate dysfunctional breathing and transform an athlete's performance and mental health.

Physical fitness won’t train your breathing,

but breath training will train your physical fitness.

And when your breath is functional the success equation is simple:

Healthy functional breathing = high performing body and mind

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The body and mind are linked. When one becomes optimized, the other benefits. Mastering the breath makes the mind more clear, calm, focused and concentrated. These qualities create long-lasting mental stability and resilience. This is the ultimate mental control to becoming a top flight athletic performer on and off the field.

Joe equips athletes with breath training that strengthens the intelligence of the diaphragm and allows them to develop healthy breathing habits that build a strong mind and body - the foundational pieces for exceptional athletic performance. A stronger, healthier breath boosts energy, improves your focus and concentration, and significantly reduces mental agitation.

As a Mental Performance Coach, my methods focus on helping student athletes' inner world challenges with long-term remedies.

To improve performance and give athletes a competitive edge, they need tools that will impact their mental stability. My approach uses time-test breath-centric practices that address the whole athlete.

When mastered, the repetitive cycle of mental instability ends. The improved breath intelligence helps the athlete reach their highest potential.

Training your breath does far more than just increase your physical performance! Supporting the mental health of athletes can be as simple as creating institutional norms around breath health. It's scientifically validated that the quality of the mind is directly proportional to the quality of the breath. Because mental states are impacted by breath quality, it make sense to train the diaphragm to be the MVP in the athlete's career. How we breathe impacts all body systems, and the diaphragm can be an accurate, regular "GPS" device that monitor's an athlete's mental health.

Your breath function improves your performance on and off the field.

Here's how we train it:


These zones are the building blocks to mastering your breath, gaining mental stability, thereby enhancing your athletic performance. They target the best part of you for the greatest gains in the least amount of time.

Practice is habit

Practice builds a sold foundation for self-inquiry.

Repetition is king

Consistent reps with breath practices creates lasting mental resilience.

Coaching is essential

Knowledgeable support assures skillful execution and productive progress.

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Breath Training

Long-term approaches resolve the strife of inner world instability. That's why breath-centric practices are ideal for training for mental stability. Teaching athletes how to cultivate a healthy and effortless breath provides profound clarity, focus, and calm that becomes self-sustaining.

Our Solutions

Breath Unlimited is a brief, easy-to-follow introduction to the foundations of healthy effortless breathing. It lays the foundation for learning deeper breath-centric practices.

Breath Remedy is a mini-course that builds on Breath Unlimited. It focuses on creating consistency in what and when you practice. The accessible course structure encourages repeating the same practice to gain self-mastery. This approach assures new mental stability grooves that can improve performance.

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