College Athletes

As a college athlete, you need dependable life skills to cope with school and sports performance pressures.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, 1 in 3 young adults (ages 18-25) experience mental illness, and 1 in 10 experience serious mental illness.

Whether mild or severe, how you deal with stress today determines your future mental health.

The suicides of college athletes weigh on our hearts and minds: Morgan Rodger, Madison Holleran, Ian Miskelley, Sarah Shultz, and Katie Meyer. The recent retirement of Buckeyes offensive lineman Harry Miller due to depression is a sign that more must be done to address mental stability.

Be proactive. Take control of your long-term mental health and learn breath practices to help you reach an elite state of mind.

Make mental strength your new default setting. You'll be rewarded with enhanced performance on and off the field.

Check out my online courses, private sessions, First W.I.N., or Breath Training Boot Camp to start today.

My virtual and in-person programs for college athletes include:

Breath Training Boot Camp

Teaches why the breath is a significant health influencer, how it can be the swiftest way to improve mental stability, and why training the breath is an essential discipline for becoming a well-rounded athlete.

First W.I.N. Program

W.I.N. stands for "What's Important Now". The First W.I.N. Program prepares you for the significant firsts you will experience in your inaugural semester. It teaches you to gain the skills to become mentally stable, so you have the edge to remain resilient and competitive.

Breath Unlimited Online Course

Teaches why the breath is so impactful to your health and athletic performance, and

how to train the breath so you can achieve an elite state of mind. This course is ideal preparation for the Breath Remedy Course.

Breath Remedy Online Course

Teaches how to train the breath to be healthy and effortless, and the

skillful repetition of breath techniques to achieve a stable and calm mind.