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Unlike any other previous generation, student-athletes struggle to effortlessly cope with the pressures of performing their best on and off the field.

The World Health Organization declares that depression is among the leading causes of illness among adolescents, with suicide the fourth leading cause of death among 15-19 year olds.

The suicides of college athletes weigh on our hearts and minds: Morgan Rodger, Madison Holleran, Ian Miskelley, Sarah Shultz, and Katie Meyer. The recent retirement of Buckeyes offensive lineman Harry Miller due to depression is a sign that more must be done to address mental stability.

There is no justification for the delay. The time has come to make mental stability our new normal.

This is my call to action. I want to use my fifteen years of training in the mind-body field to support athletes develop long-term mental stability.

Let me teach you about the breath practices you can offer your students that build long-term mental stability for enhanced sports performance.

Contact me about working with your college athletes in private sessions or about hosting a Breath Training Boot Camp.

Breath Training Boot Camp

Teaches why the breath is a significant health influencer, how it can be the swiftest way to improve mental stability, and why training the breath is an essential discipline for becoming a well-rounded athlete.