As a college athlete, it’s hard to hide from the pressures of performance on and off the field. How you cope with stress determines the future health of your body and mind. Sustained health is rooted in body-mind practices that embed new grooves to create lasting change. A proven method is to utilize the power of the breath.

The breath affects all systems of the body and is the direct link between the body and mind. When the breath is trained to be healthy and effortless, the body-mind has reasons to thrive. Fitness for your breath is the remedy for long-term mental stability and inner calm. A healthy and effortless breath makes you mentally steady in the midst of changing circumstances. It makes you skillful at handling daily stressors and improves your performance in your sport.

"Joe’s teachings are motivating, truthful, engaging, and life-changing. Once you begin listening, you keep thirsting for more. You will never be the same person." Dina Khader

In the Breath Remedy online course, you will learn:

  • How the quality of the breath impacts the mind and your athletic performance
  • How to train the breath to be healthy and effortless
  • Skillful repetition of breath techniques to achieve a stable and calm mind

Topics Covered:

  • Foundation of Breath Wisdom
  • Enduring Peace Through the Breath
  • How a Healthy Breath Improves Athletic Performance
  • The 3 P’s for Optimal Mindset

Materials included:

  • Ten short digestible video modules
  • Guided audio practice
  • Course Guide with helpful tips and reminders


Please Read Carefully: Fully embracing the knowledge and practices of the Breath Unlimited course has been known to induce an inner glow that can’t block the good vibes from rolling forward.