As a college athlete, it’s tough to avoid performance pressures on and off the field. Coping with stress determines your future health. Long-term health is rooted in body-mind practices that embed new grooves to create lasting change. A proven method is to utilize the power of the breath.

The breath affects all systems of the body and is the link between the body and mind. The body and mind can thrive when you train the breath to be healthy and effortless. Training the breath is the remedy for long-term mental stability and calm. A healthy and effortless breath keeps you mentally steady in the midst of changing circumstances, makes you skillful at handling daily stressors, and improves your performance in your sport.

"Joe’s programs inspired me to commit to a daily practice for 30 days, which then inspired me to continue meditating each morning on my own." Kathy Hayes

In the Breath Unlimited online course, you will learn:

  • Why the breath is so impactful to your health and athletic performance
  • How to train the breath so you can achieve an elite state of mind
  • Why training the breath is a long-term remedy for the health of your mind

Materials included:

  • Ten-minute video tutorial
  • Guided audio practice
  • Course Guide includes helpful tips and reminders

This course is ideal preparation for the Breath Remedy Course.


Please Read Carefully: Fully embracing the knowledge and practices of the Breath Unlimited course has been known to induce an inner glow that can’t block the good vibes from rolling forward.